L. Faircloth

“Moving from the home we loved was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done. Sara and her team made the process as seamless as possible through help with staging, state-of-art photography (that not only helped sell our house, but are ours for remembering it now) and rapid response time. Not only did we have a full-price offer in less that a week, Sara and her team were also quick with help during due diligence and closing. When we needed to consult with a roofer, Sara had a list of reputable companies on the fly and someone was out within 24 hours. Our family has known Sara for 10 years and think the world of her; everything she does, she does more than 100%. If your family has to go through the painful process of moving, having someone with her integrity of character makes it as pleasant as possible.”

— L. Faircloth
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